Staurolite and Amethyst Pendant - "Faerie Cross"



Product Details

This very unique pendant has been cast into a one of a kind mold using .925 Silver and custom created for The Witches Bounty.  Staurolite comes from the Greek word Stauros, meaning "Cross".  These crystals have commonly been referred to as the "Faerie Cross".  As a multi-dimensional crystal, Staurolite vibrates to the frequency of nearby realms.  This crystal has been used by many Witches to communicate with Plant and Animal Spirits.  The Love and Beauty that permeates from the Sacred Faerie Realm can resonate deeply inside of us and assist us in recalling the forgotten parts of the soul that have been buried by "ordinary" day to day thinking.  As an astral stone, Staurolite also helps to initiate Lucid Dreams and Dreamwork when worn during sleep.  We enjoy wearing this pendant during rituals involving Elemental Spirits and Earth Grounding Practices.  We have also included a beautiful Amethyst crystal into the bale of this Pendant to assist us in connecting to the Divine.  Allow these unique energies to connect you with the ever-flowing beauty and creativity of the Faye.

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