Sunshine Aura Quartz Crystal Pendant



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This mesmerizing pendant is made of a stunning Sunshine Aura Crystal set into and one of a kind .925 Silver frame.  This very new crystal is the result of high-quality Quartz undergoing a process of bonding with vaporized Titaniuma and Silver.  This process allows these crystals to shine beautifully as that of the Golden Rays of the Setting Sun.  This high vibrational crystal is part of the Aura Quartz family and is known to back the name it has been given.  As the most positive member of the Aura Quartz, the Sunshine Aura Crystal connects with our Sacral and Solar Plexus as the associated Chakras.  As these Chakras are activated, we become stimulated with the embodiment of Hope and Positive Awareness.  Wearing this stone can be a wonderful facilitator of emotional healing and beneficial action.  As we clear our thoughts and emotions, using the energy of the Sunshine Aura Crystal, we begin to make decisions based on our best selves for the purest of reasons.  this process leads us to live in our fullest potential, bearing fruits of Happiness and Prosperity.  this bountiful stone also helps us to fight depression and forgive easily.  

40.65 grams

Chain Sold Separately

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