Sunstone & Citrine .925 Pendant w/ Silver Chain

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  1. Sunstone has been revered for centuries as the “Stone that brings the Sun” and has been found in the burial mounds of Vikings and used across Ancient Greece to bring great fortune to those that were lucky enough to acquire it. A deeply powerful stone, Sunstone brings with it a wonderful sense of personal power and promise, allowing us to breathe deep with vibrant intentions and exhale the many worries and self-doubts that we can often confuse ourselves with. As this stone is associated with the element of Fire, it purveys warmth, openness, and mental clarity, pushing us towards existing in a state of higher consciousness. The ability to travel into these states allows us to see doors of opportunities that were previously hidden. Sunstone provides us with the ability to pull wisdom and knowledge from our deepest pain and trauma, using it to guide others through similar challenges, serving the greatest good. A wonderful stone of service, Sunstone cultivates the attitude of serving others, generating leadership qualities in those that decide to work with this stone. While you connect with these energies, allow the wonderful qualities of Sunstone to catapult you into a transformative state, pushing you through the necessary cycles of spiritual and emotional “re-birth”. This elegant stone has been placed within a deep-set .925 Silver filagree setting. In addition to Sunstone, we have included a natural Citrine into the bale of this pendant. We work very closely with Citrine, assisting us in implementing creativity in all aspects of our practices. In addition to fostering a sense of imagination in the work that we do or the projects that inspire us and fuel our passion, Citrine provides us with the motivation to push through towards real and effective manifestation. This stone is a wonderful stone of potential, nudging us towards realizing opportunities and forms of action that we would have otherwise failed to see. Included within this box is a .925 Silver adjustable chain. Affirmation: “I rise above challenges that arrive before me. I maintain my stance and am filled with the confidence to move forward. I commit myself to give and receiving blessings.”

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