The Bastet Altar - One Time Purchase



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The Bastet Altar includes the following:

Beautiful Bastet Statue: Representing truly magical energy within her calm and sturdy gaze.  Bastet is commonly recognized as the cat goddess that brought great protection to those that were in need.  Allow her energies to protect and guide you on your path.  Know that these energies are authentic and should be held sacred.  Approximate Height:  8.5”

Hand-rolled and Anointed Lady of the Rising Sun Spell Candle:  Hand-rolled and anointed with a special mixture of our ‘Bastet Calling’ Magickal Anointing Oil from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery, this candle is also enchanted with Egyptian Blue Lotus.

Temple Goddes Magickal Anointing Oil:  Created with the intention of enhancing the protective barrier that surrounds your experiences on the path ahead.  Temple Goddess is that of Bastet, swift and all-knowing when danger may be present or nearby.   Enchanted with Rose, Almond, Patchouli, Jasmine and Clove oils along with Rose, Cat’s Wort and Egyptian Blue Lotus herbs.  A special mixture of our ‘Protectress Magickal Oil’ from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery has also been included.

Cat’s Wort (Cat Nip):  This extremely attractive herb is known for attracting love, relaxing and powerful energies and intuitive vibrations.

Ulexite Pieces (TV Stone):  This stone is known as an amplifier, commonly used to assist one in understanding, processing and clearly seeing emotions and thoughts.  Ulexite assists in breaking down blockages in creativity and productivity.  *Please use caution while working with Ulexite as it is a very soft stone and is made up of small fibrous crystals.  We recommend NOT handling this stone too often.  It is also recommended that this stone is placed out of reach of animals and children, placed upon an altar where it will not be moved or physically worked with.

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