The Vessel Pendant (Exclusive & Limited)



Product Details

  1. Quartz Crystal & Rainbow Moonstone Crescent Moon Vessel Kit - The cap of your vessel has been created with .925 Silver and has been topped with a Clear Quartz Point. On the front of your cap, you will find the design of the Crescent Moon along with a delicate piece of Rainbow Moonstone. We have included 3 glass vessels for you to use, colored in Pink, Blue, and Clear so that you may have further options when creating your unique apothecary blends. All of these vessels include a roll top that can be easily pulled out of the bottle so that you may include essential oils. We decided to place the Clear Quartz Point, fixed to the top of your Silver Cap, to provide you with a more customizable experience. Clear Quartz is one of the most programmable crystals and can be charged with any intention. In addition to programmability, Clear Quartz is a wonderful amplifier of one’s intentions, providing further enhancements to the magick you are working to create. After creating a unique essential oil blend and screwing your vessel into your Silver Cap, take the time to create a unique affirmation that accompanies your specific intention. Before you use your blend throughout your day, recite your affirmation. This practice will assist you in programming your Clear Quartz, providing you with further support. The remarkably beautiful Rainbow Moonstone is an absolute favorite of ours and was included in this piece for the purpose of psychic protection during its use. Along with providing the energies of peace and harmony, Rainbow Moonstone is a wonderful protector of the emotional and spiritual body. In addition, the Crescent Moon has been added to represent the Divine Goddess and the Sacred Cycles that accompany her. May this sacred tool be well used within your magickal collection, providing you with a sense of comfort and support along your path.

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