The Witches Moon® - Earth Magick ~ Of Smoke & Soil - May 2020

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We thoroughly strive to realize and resonate with the knowledge and wisdom that is found in the deep and magickal histories of our Ancestors and Cultures from around the world. Although many teachings hold metaphors and provide symbols that share secrets, much of the Magick from the past was sustained through the Smoke and Soil, blessed from the pure and simple forms of Nature. As we continue to travel through more technologically advanced years, Witches in all forms dig their heels into the soils, grasses, and roots around the world. In this exclusive collection, with items that have been created over the course of over 12 Moon Cycles, we work to connect with these raw, real, and inspired sources by providing tools that some of our eldest ancestors have relied upon to bring their intentions into true manifestations. Join us during a time where we stand together and take control of the living and breathing energies that are blessed to those that realize and respect them.

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