The Witches Moon® - The Adorned Goddess - May 2019

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The largest obstacle to overcome along our path is the self-doubt and negative thought patterns that tend to cripple progress and opportunity. The practice of harnessing Strength and Power within our Rituals is a key ingredient to living a truly full life, captured by Beauty, Love, Passion, and Divine Connection. These intentions are not intended to be used when you are feeling stagnant, but rather as a daily, constant effort. As we work towards Self-Love and Empowerment, our spiritual representation of ourselves develops into a powerful force, demanding the outcomes of manifestations to react accordingly. This headspace will be a working factor in your Spiritual Growth and Development and allows you to pull energy from within. The Confidence that can be gained from working with these tools will leave a lasting effect on how the physical world reacts to you as well as the potency of your Spell Workings and Rituals. We have been working to source and create the items in this collection over many Moons and send with them the intention of empowering the Adorned Goddess within.

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