The Witches Roots™ - Open Doors - July 2020

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There are often times along our path where we may feel as if only problems and blockages surround us, hindering our ability to allow positive manifestations to occur. In a world where information is abundant and clarity may be more difficult to obtain, we rely on the tried and true tools that reunite us with our higher self, full of joy and open to surprising possibilities. As we work to maintain a sense of happiness, it is important that we remember to keep our minds open to new thoughts and truly strive to dissolve stagnant perspectives that limit our ability to see deeper beauty and magick within all things. These processes of cultivating joy and lightheartedness, along with working with the right magickal tools allow us to act as a magnet for new opportunities that may surpass original intentions. In this very special collection, we work with some of our favorite tools and symbols to bring hope and opportunity into our current realities.

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