The Witches Roots™ - Prowess of Power - September 2020

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During times of uncertainty, confusion, and chaos, we rely on our sacred connections with natural elements to empower us and provide us with strength. It is during troubling times that we embrace our ability to view trials as opportunities for growth and progression. These trials, whichever may be relevant in our current reality, are presented to us as possible hardships, yet stand as a cloak covering true possibilities, creativity, and the beauty of creation. We work through rituals and meditations to find courage, sparking excitement within the depths of our souls. We resonate with the great Goddesses and Gods who have shown overwhelming bravery in the face of adversity and seeming defeat. In this very powerful and prominent collection, we work with energies that lift us up, gifting us new perspectives so that we may claim victory in all aspects of our journey.

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