The Witches Roots™ - Ritual Potency - September 2019

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As Practitioners, we are always looking for and collecting tools that may help strengthen our Intentional Spell Working. Along with strengthening our work, there are many forms of preparation that is necessary to bring a sense of Clarity and Withstanding to the energy that we begin to create. As we cleanse and set the mood throughout our Sacred Space, we already begin to become attuned to the Spiritual and Divine Realm. These forms of the Craft tie together to create an envisioned field of communication between our Spirit and those that are among us, eager to assist and guide us through Meditation and Ritual Work. We truly know that the quality of our Manifestations lies within the seriousness of the energy that we create during our manipulation of Intentions. We have created and sourced these very items to bring Potency to your Rituals, so that you may carry your Manifestations through to fruition.

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