The Witches Roots™ - The Guided Seer - October 2020

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During this beautiful season of re-connection, deep traveling, and divination, we work towards having helpful tools close by to assist us during these dark and most spiritual nights. As Samhain approaches, we begin to obtain a heightened sense of self and spirit, knowing that the veil is thinning. As we walk between worlds, we connect with ancestors, spirit guides, and divine energies, leaning into any guidance, protection, or symbols that we may receive. This time is sacred and must be treated with sincerity. It is important to know that the ritual work that is conducted during this season can have a profound impact on your current reality and provide you with clear perceptions of what may be approaching you on the horizon. We send energies of growth and connection during the coming dark nights and have included the following tools to help you along the way. May you speak with those that stand by to guide you. May you resonate with the faintest of whispers. May your cup be filled with further wisdom so that you prosper on the path ahead.

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