The Witches Roots™ - The Sacred Offering - November 2019

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With each day that passes, we honor the energies that continue to inspire and guide us on our journey. These can include a patron energy or simply the personifications of specific Gods and Goddesses. In addition, we pay homage to the Elemental Guidance we receive from the natural forces that surround us. This very act of gratitude brings us closer to the power that is held within all things. We truly realize how intimate our Intentions become and how our Manifestations connect with this purpose. As we provide offerings to the energies that assist us, we continue to move through a circle of completion, giving thanks for those things that we have obtained and for the wisdom that has been gained along the way. In this collection, we have carefully included some of our favorite items for providing offerings during meditation and daily ritual, known through many years for their magickal potency.

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