Three Maidens Candle (7-Day Glass Candle - Benzoin)



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Three Maidens Candle (7-Day Glass Candle - Lavender)

"The Three Maidens represent the eternal cycle of life: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The Maiden is the young woman representing new beginnings, beauty, and enthusiasm. She is the link to the waxing moon energies. The Mother is the phase of fertility, love, abundance, and growth: the full moon. The Crone is in the final stage, where she is a wise woman, giving guidance and vision. She is the waning moon associated with death, past lives, and the underworld. Benzoin is the Holy fragrance used to purify and keep emotional balance. Its magical powers open the spirits to travel in the astral world."

Approx burn time: 90 hrs approx

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