Violet Flame Amethyst Pendant w/ Silver Chain (.925)



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The Violet Flame Amethyst Pendant w/ Silver Chain (.925 Silver) - The Violet Flame is a unique and powerful spiritual energy, which holds the power to assist us through all aspects of our journey. The color Violet is known for having the highest frequency on the visible spectrum. This simply means that it lives at the spiritual octave of light and carries the ability to bring a variety of benefits to our experiences. Many mystics and masters have associated the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, and freedom with the color Violet. This specific pendant was created to become a symbol of the Violet Flame, meant to be used as a tool for meditation and connection. The Amethyst Stone has been used for thousands of years for its legendary energies and beauty. Amethyst has been known to be used by the Neolithic people in Europe, dating back to 25,000 B.C. Amethyst has even been found within the jewelry made by the Ancient Egyptians. Amethyst has the unique ability to activate the higher mind, allowing us to understand concepts easily and see more clearly. We rely on these qualities as we work to break down barriers and recognize new ideas regarding all things that surround us. This beautiful stone also carries the ability to help us connect with and communicate with our guides and angels. This “surrendering to the divine” is necessary when working to live a fuller, more joyous life. As you carry Amethyst with you or place it amongst your magickal items, allow its energies to enhance your environment and bring light into your space. To work with the Violet Flame effectively, we recommend using the following meditation daily. First, place your middle finger, thumb, and index finger together from your left hand. Place your hand in the middle of your chest, directly over your heart. With both eyes closed, focus your intentions on your heart, breathing and exhaling deeply until you have come to a relaxed state. Visualize the Violet Flame surrounding your heart and body. As this visualization becomes stronger, repeat a mantra of your making. Included with the Violet Flame Pendant is a silver chain that can be adjusted to length. Elemental Association: Wind.
The size, Shape, and Color of Amethyst may vary. 

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