Whole White Sage - 3” x 5” Bag



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White Sage – Overall, sage is a very useful plant for any Witch and can assist with a long list of spells and sachets. Sage can be burned, while the smoke cleanses your sacred space and home before and after ritual work. White sage specifically can be used to rid bad habits and bad thought processes so that you are open to making wiser choices with your money and investments. Burn sage before rituals to rid negative energy, only allowing light into your space. We also burn White Sage before budgeting and focusing on Money so that we may make wiser choices. It is said for wishing, to write your wish on a sage leaf and place under your pillow for 3 days. If you dream of the very wish written on your leaf, your dreams may be manifested. If not, bury the leaf in the earth and revisit the intentions behind your desires.

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

Powers: Longevity, Immortality, Wisdom, Protection and Wishes.


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