Yule Celebration Set



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This beautiful Yule Celebration Set includes the following:

Hand Carved Tree Guardian Spirit w/Paula Shell Inlay:  These very natural Tree Guardians have been ethically sourced from over 500 different species of fallen trees and branches. Each Tree Guardian has been hand-carved and stained with the upmost respect for the spirit and vibration within. Trees are the Ancient Companions that we seek to gain knowledge from, standing tall and vibrant, long before we could stand ourselves. As well as holding natural beauty, Trees can communicate with us with a clear consciousness. Even the smallest segment of a tree contains the energy of the whole Tree. This specific Tree Guardian was crafted to provide you with a portal to its natural power and energy. As you sit with this Spirit, work to create a relationship of respect and understanding. This technique is the same technique used to connect with any of your Magickal Tools or Altar Items. After cleansing the Tree Guardian, you can charge its energy with crystals and tokens. As you get to know this companion, you can start asking questions during meditation. Along with divination tools such as Tarot, Runes, Scrying, etc., this Tree Spirit will amplify your ability to connect with the wisdom held within the messages provided to you. We have placed a hanging plaque on the back of each Tree Guardian so that you may place it above an Altar or within your Garden, to protect the Nature surrounding you. We enjoy placing crystals on the flat top to charge and cleanse the energy within our space. We have placed a Paua Shell on the forehead of this Tree Spirt to offer Good Luck, Prosperity and Peace. In the Maori Practice, these shells were gifted to one another, strengthening the bond of companionship. Each Guardian that has been carved is slightly different in shape, color and vibration. 

Yule Artwork:  Custom created for The Witches Moon™ By A. Alden (8 x 10” Print with backboard and clear sleeve) NOT FOR RESALE

Tree Guardian Magickal Oil:  Tree Guardians have been a symbol of Protection and Strength since before we started walking our individual paths.  Silent and watching, the Tree Guardian stands as a vital component in our world.  Only with the beauty of these living beings, are we able to live ourselves.  We have created this very special Magickal Oil with the intention of bringing you Grounding & Protective energies.  We resonate deeply with the sacred vibrations of these Tree Guardians and have worked with this oil to bring about these energies.  

15 ML Bottle - Made to Order

External Use Only 

Yule Aura Spray:  We have created this Magickal Elixir with the intention of celebrating the Spirit of Yule.  As we work to create the setting in which we perform Spells and Meditations, we work on maintaining a soothing and sure mindset.  As you lightly spray the Yule Aura Spray around your energetic body, visualize the Spirit of Yule surrounding you and bringing the blessings of Yule and grateful spirits close.  We have enchanted this Magickal Aura Spray with Pine, Cedar and Star Anise Oils.  Included is a special mixture of our Blessings Oil from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery. (Lightly Mist at least 2 ft away from the body)

2 Ounces

Made to order

External Use Only

Enchanted Yule Celebratory Candle:  

We have hand-rolled and charged this candle with the purpose of enhancing the Magickal Intent that brings the Spirit of Yule with blessings of gratefulness and love into your space.  Enchanted with a special mixture of our ‘Blessings’ Magical oil from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery.  

Always use caution when burning any candle, making sure you have water and using a safe container to burn your candle and parchment. 




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