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  • The July "Protection & Banishment" Moon Box Theme

    Posted on June 25 2017

    Protection Magick has been used for thousands of years, whether preparing for battle or safeguarding the soul against energy vampires. We know just how important it is to carry protection...

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  • The June "Spirit Guide" Moon Box Theme

    Posted on May 24 2017

    This June is an important tie in the developmental year of 2017. We look back on our accomplishments and shortcomings, taking the time to reflect and come to peace with...

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  • The May "Enchanted" Moon Box Theme

    Posted on April 24 2017

    Love, Self-Love and Pleasure surround the energies of May. We focus on bringing two souls closer together or by connecting with one’s own soul, nourishing and projecting beauty. Love is...

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  • The April Seeding Moon - Growth

    Posted on March 18 2017

    April is upon us, along with the opportunity for Growth. This is a very special subject to us as we are always focused on growing and developing our Spiritual, Mental...

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  • The March Storm Moon - Energy & Activation

    Posted on February 18 2017

    As we shift into the energies of March, we reawaken dormant energies from the winter, activating the powers that are within and without. When we “shake off” the stagnancy of...

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  • The Wild Moon - Healing

    Posted on January 26 2017

    .HEALING. As we transition into February we absorb the energies of Healing and Purification. Meditations and Spells this month will prepare you for Initiation, encourage Healing, New Growth and foster...

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