About Us

The Witches Moon Monthly Subscription 

The Witches Moon provides the supplies necessary to practice your craft. We pride ourselves on matching the perfect tools to ensure that you are able to manifest your desires, magnify your intention, and master the powers within. The Witches Moon is not curated for full moon rituals but rather daily ritual, working with moon energies and celebrating the Wheel of the Year. 

The Witches Moon Subscribers will receive a spiritually inspired box each month. The Witches Moon Subscription includes carefully picked and handcrafted materials that correlate with the distinct powers of each moon and time of year to amplify your ritual's impact. Years of research, practice and respect for this craft have gone into the making of these magickal items. We spend time forming the appropriate energy for each box, ensuring that our intentions are clear. We know you feel our intention when opening your box and working with your tools.

Just some of the items that you might find in The Witches Moon Subscription are handmade candles, beautiful crystals, herbs, talismans, incense, alter tools and much more! We have provided guidance through the scrolls that are provided in each box and leave you with a blank scroll to chart your own intention. A successful ritual is needed for your spiritual and intellectual growth. Our goal is to deliver the most qualified and effective tools. So mote it be!

The 2 creators and founders of The Witches Moon® have been practicing a variety of Magick for 22 plus years combined. We have always been mostly solitary, but also practice within small group settings. These traditions range from Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, Druidry, Ceremonial Magick, Angel Magick, Faerie Magick, and many others. We immerse ourselves in our craft, are always exploring and learning, and love to share our passion with others. 

Our small team consists of only 5 people who are always working tirelessly to provide a unique service to those that feel called to participate. We are truly committed to our customers and love to serve this community! <3

The Moon Market

The Moon Market will include the supplies in previous month's boxes for individual purchase. In addition, The Moon Market provides quality supplies for any level of practitioner. We are on a never ending journey to find the most unique and beautiful tools available.


The Witches Moon is dedicated to providing Exceptional Customer Service. We strive to accomplish this by:

  • Only providing quality products in The Witches Moon, The Witches Bounty, The Page of Cups Quarterly, & The Moon Market
  • Prompt replies to any inquiries, questions, or concerns
  • Shipments being received on time and in good condition