Q) How much does a membership cost?

A) Each Witches Moon Subscription Box is .....

$45.00 + $9.00 Shipping. (US) Plus Applicable Taxes.

$45.00 + $24.00 Shipping (Canada)    

 $45.00 + $33.00 Shipping (International excluding Canada)        

Please visit The Witches Bounty and Witches Roots Pages to see pricing.

For International and Canada Customers, please be aware that there may be Customs/Import Tax required upon delivery.           

Q) International Shipping?

A) We ship to most countries! 

Q) Why was I billed taxes for my Subscription Service or Product?

A) Due to changes in Online Sales Tax Law, residents in many states are required to pay Taxes per State Regulation. To view which States are currently collecting Sales Tax, please see the following page, "State Sales Tax".

Q) What is in The Witches Moon?

A) We truly focus on capturing the Magic within each theme and work to provide the most authentic experience for our subscribers. Items that may be included within each collection, but not limited to, goes as follows 

  • A full-size handcrafted spell candle wrapped in aged parchment. A spell from our personal book of shadows will be included on each parchment 
  • A print of our hand-painted mandala, sigil, or rune
  • 3 bags of featured herbs
  • A 4oz jar of Sacred Salt
  • A full-size bottle of anointing oil
  • Featured Incense 
  • A beautiful handpicked crystal
  • 1 to 2 large featured items
  • Sabbat Celebration Items are included within the collection preceding the Sabbat.

Please visit our PAST BOXES page to see what magick has been delivered in the past. 

Q) When does my Witches Moon Subscription ship?

A) Important! Subscriptions that are placed during any given month will be subscribing to receive the next month's box as their first box. All boxes will be shipped between the 1st and 10th of every month, depending on the original subscription date. We do not curate our boxes based on a full moon ritual but rather daily ritual, moon energies and the wheel of the year. 

Q) How do I change my Shipping Address or Billing Address for my Subscription?

A) If you would like to make any adjustments to your Shipping or Billing Address, please send us an email at customerservice@thewitchesmoon.com with the updated information. We would be happy to make this adjustment for you.

Q) What day each month does my card get charged?

A) You are able to change your renewal date to whichever day is most convenient for you. 

Q) Can I cancel my subscription any time?

A) After your first charge, you will be able to cancel any future subscriptions. You are even able to skip subscriptions. This can be done by logging into your account and selecting "Cancel" next to the subscription item. If you are unable to find this option or need assistance, please contact us at customerservice@thewitchesmoon.com with a clear request to cancel as well as providing the First/Last Name and Email associated with your account. 

Q) How does cancellation work?

A) Please know that if you have canceled your subscription AFTER your renewal has been processed, you will receive one more box, unless otherwise requested through email communication.


Q) Is there anything I need to know about updating my Shipping Address?

A) Please know that your box will be shipped to the address that was connected to the last order processed. If you need to adjust your shipping address after a renewal has been processed, please contact us so that we are able to notate your account. 

Q) What is the return policy?

A) Due to the nature and energy of the products and subscription service that we provide, all sales are final unless there are damaged pieces. Please contact us with any concerns.