Past & Upcoming Collections

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  • The November "Divination" Box Theme

    Posted on October 22 2017

    We are fascinated with breaking the barriers between our spirits and the divine guides. We make divination a daily ritual to receive answers and guidance through the use of the...

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  • The October "Witches Veil" Box Theme

    Posted on September 17 2017

    As the sun dies in the distance and the veil becomes thin, we embrace the sense of peace and connection with those around us, physically and spiritually. We seek the...

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  • The September "Equinox - Purge & Prepare" Box Theme

    Posted on August 15 2017

    We feel the changes deep within our bones. The everlasting connection to the Universe around us, expressing the need to let go of those things that no longer serve us....

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  • The August "Sacred Bounty" Box Theme

    Posted on July 17 2017

    Coming into August, we sense an intimacy so close to our purpose. The Sacred Bounty. The realization of goals achieved, accomplishments recognized and the overwhelming saturation of Gratitude. We focus...

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  • The July "Protection & Banishment" Moon Box Theme

    Posted on June 25 2017

    Protection Magick has been used for thousands of years, whether preparing for battle or safeguarding the soul against energy vampires. We know just how important it is to carry protection...

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  • The June "Spirit Guide" Moon Box Theme

    Posted on May 24 2017

    This June is an important tie in the developmental year of 2017. We look back on our accomplishments and shortcomings, taking the time to reflect and come to peace with...

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