LIMITED - Sumatra Amber, Citrine, & Quartz Pendant. (.925 Silver)



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As one of our favorite and most collected stones, or fossilized items, Amber has been a large inspiration for a number of projects we have worked on over the years. This specific type of Amber was discovered in Sumatra, in South-East Asia, and is completely natural, without treatment of any kind. Sumatran Amber is commonly known for having spots or “dark areas” floating within in. Dating between 20 to 200 million years old, Amber is a fossilized resin and is found in a variety of beautiful colors and hues. Used for creating jewelry and ornaments almost 5,000 years ago, Amber has found its way into the stories of Ancient Egypt and floats through the great mythologies and imagery of Ancient Greece. It is said that upon the death of Phaeton, his sisters wept uncontrollably, eventually turning into poplar trees, and producing tears made of Amber. This wonderful ancient gemstone provides a sense of well-being and warmth to the carrier and is known as the humble companion, silently grounding us. As this stone comes from the living form of trees, it carries with it such deep significance and energy. In addition, Amber carries the ability to shine light into any difficult situation we may be facing, ensuring that we can find the gift in all scenarios. It is very common to see this stone turned into beautiful pendants, placed within rings, carved into figures, or simply admired for its beautiful color. We have found Amber to be a stone of tranquil and confident temperament, providing us with a sense of belonging and foundation. As life becomes hectic and chaotic, leaving seeds of doubt and anxiety within your psyche, allow Amber to bring you closer to nature. This silent teacher carries the old and wise soul of nature’s past and whispers comforting words and encouragements in times of need. We strongly recommend spending time with this incredible stone, working to understand what its energies may do for you, specifically, so that you are able to call upon it when needed. This beautiful Sumatran Amber is surrounded by .925 silver and sits atop a hand selected piece of Quartz Crystal, known for its ability to amplify one’s intentions. To enhance mental clarity and promote creativity, we have also included a piece of Natural Citrine into the bale of this pendant. As you wear this pendant through these brighter months, rely on its light, warmth, and creative power to bring feelings of hope and excitement to your daily workings. (Do not use harsh chemical cleaners on your Amber Jewelry, rather use mild soap and warm water, only when needed.)
Sizes, shapes, and colors can vary. 
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