The Prosperity Spell Kit



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The magickal items in this spell kit are as follows:


            I.   Green “Prosperity” Hand-Rolled Beeswax Spell Candle - The oils of Basil, Cinnamon, & Clove have been included in the process of rolling this powerful spell candle. As the flame dances before you, take your time to release all negative emotions associated with your finances. Let go of your worry and fear for the future. Visualize a golden orb growing around you, and your home, acting as magnet to overwhelming abundance.  

          II.   Crown of Success Magickal Anointing Oil - Included within this blend is Bay, Orange Peel, Marigold, and Vervain herbs. In addition, the oils of Sweet Orange, Ginger, Bay, and Lemongrass have been included. Accompanying a Quartz Crystal are a few drops of our “Money Draw” Oil, from our personal cabinet of witchery. (Created for external/ritual use only) 

         III.   Money Draw Ritual Aura Spray - We have created this Money Draw Ritual Aura Spray with the intention of bringing forth new opportunities in your financial endeavors. As you spritz this spray around you, visualize a gold light starting to gleam. Know that this very act is charging your magnetic centers so that you may attract Money into your world. We have enchanted this Ritual Aura Spray with Clove, Cinnamon, Almond and Bay Oils. We have also included a special mixture of our ‘Money Magnet’ Magickal Oil from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery into the making of this Ritual Aura Spray. (External Use Only)

         IV.   Citrine Crystal - This stone is a true “Maker of Manifestation”, drawing a sense of clarity to your intentions, and allowing you to bolster your personal Will. 

          V.   Fortune & Favor Incense Sticks - As the smoke from this freshly scented incense blend dances around your space, visualize the essence of luck and favor seeping into the core of your working. Allow this smoke to be a mediator between your intention and the universal consciousness. 

         VI.   Prosperity Sigil Artwork - This Sigil has been working within our rituals for many, many years. Place it upon your altar or meditate upon it during your prosperity rituals. Created by G Ibis.

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