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The Wisdom Keeper Pendant (Rainbow Moonstone & Angel Aura Quartz Crystal) (.925 Silver) – Every year, as the sun begins to grow stronger in the sky, we are visited by 3 owls, specifically Great Horned Owls. We find them perched in the same area each year, as if they find safety in the wild trees that grow nearby. Each morning, we will go outside and inquire about their visit, asking them for guidance throughout our day. They watch us calmly, all-knowing, and still as a stone. As one of the most magickal creatures to soar the skies, the Owl carries a very potent and powerful impression. Although commonly associated with the mysteries, the Owl represents wisdom that is passed from the spirit realm to those that are receptive to their guidance. These stunning birds are most active during the moonlit hours of night, hence their association with the underworld. If you are lucky to see one, know that there is a message waiting for you from the other side. This may be a sign that your intuition is close to revealing a new truth that is vital for your growth. As you can grasp, we were over the moon to bring this project to life, as it resonates so deeply with our personal path. The owl featured in this pendant is crafted from .925 Silver. With its wings spread open, it carries a single piece of Angel Aura in its talons. This beautiful stone is created through a special treatment process in which the surface is bonded with vaporized Silver & Platinum. The likeness of the resulting color is strongly associated with the wings of an Angel. As a conduit, the Angel Aura connects us with higher beings, angelic protectors, and spirit guides. This stone, placed in the talons of the owl, represents the messages that are meant to reach you from other worlds. As you work with this stone, allow your judgments and perceptions to fall away, providing space for clear reception to be active. Above the owl, sits the Crescent Moon, cradling a Rainbow Moonstone. Moonstone was used in Roman Jewelry almost 2 thousand years ago and has been held in high regard through the Orient and India. It was once said, that by placing Moonstone in your mouth while meditating, one would have the ability to see the future. As one of the most powerful intuitive stones, Moonstone has been the stone of the Goddess and the Feminine Energy she is associated with. This beautiful Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect companion while working through shadow work and self-discovery. As well as the enhancement of our self-intuition, the Moonstone provides us with the ability to align with our Spirit Guides and Ancestors so that we are more apt to receive messages and signs. Before placing this pendant around your neck, audibly state your intentions for growth. Allow your energy to intertwine with this piece so that your day may be filled with the pleasant surprise of signs, symbols, and messages. 

Approx size: 1.25" W, 1.25" L 

Chain sold separately. 

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