Triple Amethyst Crystal Pendant (.925 Silver)



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You will find three Amethyst Crystals placed within the tailored .925 silver bale of this piece. As recorded within our personal magical records, “The Amethyst Stone has been used for thousands of years for its legendary energies and beauty. Amethyst has been known to be used by the Neolithic people in Europe, dating back to 25,000 B.C. Amethyst has even been found within the jewelry made by the Ancient Egyptians. Amethyst has the unique ability to activate the higher mind, allowing us to understand concepts easily and see more clearly. We rely on these qualities as we work to break down barriers and recognize new ideals regarding all things that surround us. This beautiful stone also carries the ability to help us connect with and communicate with our guides and angels. This “surrendering to the divine” is necessary when working to live a fuller, more joyous life. As you carry Amethyst with you or place it amongst your magickal items, allow its energies to enhance your environment and bring light into your space.” This pendant has been created for the specific intention of enhancing your spiritual power and conviction. Allow the energies of Amethyst to overwhelm the negative self-chatter and judgments cast upon others. As a magickal person, it is so important to feel a “divine responsibility” towards everything around you. As you wear this Triple Amethyst Crystal Pendant, give permission to these energies to work through you so that your inner light and beauty can be reflected in all that you do. Continue to feed your confidence with positive affirmations and gentle perspective. May this beautiful and magical talisman bring higher and higher vibrations to your experience of life. Elemental Association: Wind.
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