(LIMITED) Hekate's Cauldron w/ Book of Shadows Artwork (The Witches Moon Exclusive®)



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  1. Hand-Casted Brass Hekate’s Cauldron (The Witches Moon® Exclusive) - This Exclusive Brass Hekate’s Cauldron was meticulously designed and handcrafted for the purpose of representing our Honoring of Hekate. This cauldron was created to place offerings within, or to fill with black sand, so that you may burn stick incense relevant to Hekate upon your altar. We do not recommend placing charcoal disks within the cauldron as it will become very hot and hard to handle. If you so wish, this cauldron can act as a candle holder as well. As stated in previous writings by G Ibis, “We are called to work with Hekate during this time as we resonate so deeply with her absolute aspects of wisdom. It is important to know that Hekate communicates and is realized in many different ways, to almost everyone. As with the most sacred, ancient and magical practices, they are personal and resonate as something that has been created within ourselves. We connect to our own perceptions on a very personal and individualistic level. This is the very reason why we are so passionate about these sacred paths, as they are so deeply tailored to each person’s desires, understandings and intentions. We heed Hekate’s Call during these times as she is a powerful protector to those that follow the many paths of Witchcraft. She guides us and portrays the deep and ancient knowledge that resides within each of us, if we allow ourselves to be open and intuitive. Among the many names of Hekate, she is called and considered the Guardian of the Great Gates, the Illuminator, the Queen of Witches, The Highest Priestess and for us, the Keeper of Keys. Hekate, in all of her forms, has the ability to guide and direct spirits that wander upon the darkness of the thinning veil. There are many stories of her ability to provide guidance, by torchlight, for Persephone as she walked through the underworld. She is deeply connected with all animals, specifically black and mysterious canines that walk beside her, waiting for her call of assistance. Hekate holds the deepest and most sought-after wisdom, connected to the mysteries of the underworld, and is the gatekeeper for all of those that are worthy to wander within. She is commonly depicted in Triple Goddess Form, which is a sacred symbol within our practice and provides the resemblance of the great cycle of our journey. She is often associated with the Wise Woman, or Crone, for she has such deep and magical mysteries to share with those that are considered the outcasts, the taboo, the different, the Witch. This great and wonderful Goddess of the Night is an honorable deity to provide offerings to, or to call upon when you stand at the Crossroads. In very simple terms, we all stand at the Crossroads during each stage of our journey. As we look behind us, we recognize the past, the deep and painful lessons learned, and the beauty found within them. As we look at our current situation, we resonate with the potential, yearning growth and the connection with power and perseverance. We then look at the road ahead, seemingly splitting into a multitude of directions and decisions, we can call upon Hekate for guidance, intuition and favor. If our intentions are pure and of worthy recognition, Hekate may cast wisdom upon us, even assisting us in connecting with our guides for the intervention of spirit during difficult times. This is commonly a very personal and deep-traveling experience. Magick and mystery is found in our deepest realizations, buried in the immense and vast labyrinth found within ourselves. As is stated, “As Above So Below, As Within So Without.” As you continue to learn about and work with Hekate, we urge you to reach out to those things that call to you most. Connect with these things, as they are meant for you, energetically and spiritually, providing you the most benefit during this specific time, in your specific reality.” You will find that every aspect of this cauldron is associated with a symbolic representation of Hekate, and her beautiful magick. Included within this collection, you will a Book of Shadows Artwork that provides more in-depth information regarding each of these symbols. As you incorporate this magickal item into your workings, we urge you to travel deep within yourself, to face the constant fear and to embrace the shadows within. May these changing seasons bring you the beauty of transformation and growth. (We have created only a limited number of these cauldrons. Once these are gone, they will never be created again.) Approx size: 2" x 2"

  2. Cauldron Book of Shadows Reference Artwork - This beautiful and inspired “Cauldron” Book of Shadows Artwork provides a wonderful description of the history and magical uses of this valuable tool. Keep this print within your book of shadows for reference or display in your sacred space. Written & illustrated by A. E. Alden. Do not make copies. Not for resale.

  3. Orphic Hymn to Hekate Book of Shadows Artwork - This beautiful and well-known Orphic Hymn to Hekate has been surrounded by a dark and enchanting illustration. Recite this hymn before ritual or meditation to awaken Hekate from within. (abridged Orphic Hymn 1 to Hecate, c.3rd cen. BCE 2nd cen. CE; English translation by Thomas Taylor) Illustrated by A. E. Alden. Do not make copies. Not for resale.

Please know that this cauldron has imperfections, due to its hand-crafted nature. 

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