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The Chalice Well Pendant w/ Chain - Said to be in almost constant use for at least 2,000 years, the Chalice Well carries deep and mystic energies. Also known as the Red Spring, the Chalice Well is found near Chalice Hill in Glastonbury, England, and issues over 25,000 imperial gallons of water a day. The well and spring continue to provide water even during the droughts. In addition to being known as the “Gateway to the Spirit World”, the Chalice Well and the water within is said to possess healing qualities. This beautiful and unique pewter necklace represents the Chalice Well. On the back of this pendant is the following inscription: “Everything is interconnected.” As you wear this pendant, allow it to remind you of your continual path of growth, as well as your connection to the spiritual world that surrounds you.
Nickel Free Pewter
Chalice of Wells Book of Shadows Reference Page - Written & Illustrated by A.E. Alden, this beautiful Chalice of Wells reference artwork holds wonderful information regarding the magical properties and importance of this sacred site. Place within your Book of Shadows for future reference.

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