Blue Topaz & Carved Quartz Ganesha Pendant



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Ganesha is said to be one of the most well-known and worshipped deities in the Hindu Pantheon, continuing to hold many devotees and adorers to this day. The earliest mention of Ganesha dates to 3,000 BCE, since the times of the Indus Valley Civilization. Many transformations and incarnations of Ganesha have been recorded and popularized through the centuries. Each incarnation bears many stories and specific symbolism to accompany him during that time. As the remover of obstacles, Ganesha is said to not only clear the path before you but to protect and bring prosperity. We urge you to continue your research and study on Ganesha as he carries with him an amazing history, filled with wonderful stories and deep mysticism. The Quartz in this very special pendant has been hand-carved into the form of Ganesha and sits within a filigree cradle. We chose Quartz for this pendant for its overwhelming ability to bring light and spiritual awareness into your surroundings. As one of the most programmable and versatile stones, Quartz provides us with the ability to place our intentions within its vibrant and pure energy center. Quartz is known for its wonderful ability to bring clarity to any situation, giving us time to think through situations and determine which actions are the most beneficial. Allow this vessel of light to soothe your emotions and clear the path before you. Rely on its wisdom to carry you through to well-thought-out decisions. We are so thrilled to be able to include Blue Topaz into the top of this pendant. Blue Topaz is a wonderful and direct stimulator of the mind and has been referred to as carrying “Fire of the Mind” within its energies. A very thoughtful stone, Blue Topaz urges us to seek more knowledge from everything around us. This beautiful stone reminds us to constantly be re-evaluating our current situation, urging us to always look for the best way to perform tasks and approach challenges. Through deep study and “information gathering”, Blue Topaz pushes us towards deeper enlightenment. As you wear this pendant, allow your thoughts and actions to line up with your spiritual perceptions. Know that through your best and well-informed efforts, you will continue to push through any obstacles that may stand before you.
Blue Topaz: 0.5 cts
Carved Quartz: 28.9 cts

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