Luna Aura Spray



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We have created this Luna Blend Aura Spray with the intention of energizing your Auric Field, just as the Moon is the energizer of Emotions and Inner Strength.  As you spritz this Aura Spray around your body and Sacred Space, visualize a White Glow emanating from your skin.  This glow is your connection to the Divine/Goddess Energy that the Great Moon brings with her as she visits us each night.  This spray can also be set amongst your Crystals and Magickal Tools while they are basking under the light of the Full Moon, charging them and absorbing the Moons Potency.  It is recommended that you spray 2 feet away from skin, as to mist the air surrounding you.   

1 Bottle For Each Quantity Ordered

2 Ounces

Made to order

External Use Only

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