(Limited) The Witches Moon® ~ The Sea Witch Talisman ~ April 2024


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“The brilliant glow of the moon rains down upon her as she steps up to the familiar waves. A sudden rush of peace and tranquility wash through her, as if to fill the void where anxiety and despair once lived. She no longer feels alone, but rather senses that she is surrounded by an abundance of dancing spirits and whispering words. A true sigh of relief escapes her lips. Standing within the warring waves, she stares into the face of the moon. Opening her arms to embrace her, she begins to sing the sacred song of the sea...~ In this exclusive and one-of-a-kind collection, we call upon the mysteries of the watery fortress to aid us in our spiritual and intentional growth. The anticipation to finally bring this collection to our subscribers truly fills our hearts! ~ May the items within this collection find the souls that yearn for change and triumph.

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