Carved Phosphosiderite Goddess w Amethyst Pendant (.925)



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Intricately carved and shaped into the form you now see; this pendant holds a wonderful array of energies for the wearer. Phosphosiderite is generally found in Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, and some parts of the United States. Considered a rare mineral, Phosphosiderite can commonly be found cut into the shape of a cabochon. Known as the “Torch Bearer”, or “Light Bearer”, Phosphosiderite carries within its essence such assertive and bold energies. This very special stone helps us to stay focused on our goals and gives us the ability and stamina to follow through to completion. In addition to bolstering our confidence, Phosphosiderite allows us to connect to higher levels of thinking and understanding, as well as stimulating great visions and perceptions of what can be possible in our world. This wonderful stone shines light into the “problems” that may stand in our way or hinder our growth. Although this stone enhances the assertive energies that push us forward, you will find that its ability to connect us with higher vibrations can bring calming and soothing energies to your aura. As you work with this wonderful companion stone, you will begin to feel more connected to the world around you, with a prominent sense of “belonging.” We chose to use the symbol of the Goddess, with arms stretched above her, and magenta rays casting out around her, to represent our connection with the Divine, the creation, and the magic that flows through all things. As you connect with this imagery, allow your deepest fears and concerns to wash away. Know that you hold the power to overcome any obstacle that may be placed upon your path. Know that your ritual and spiritual work is important and sacredly bonded to your purpose. You will find a faceted Amethyst within the bale of this pendant, placed there to strengthen your connection with the Divine as well as to facilitate meditative energies. Allow the energies that are carried within this Amethyst to purify your nervous system and bolster your intuitive perceptions.
Carved Phosphosiderite
Amethyst: 0.1 cts


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