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Earth Power, an Atlas for the Soul.  Everyone has felt a place of incredible power - be it a natural sanctuary, a breathtaking landscape, an ancient temple, a colossal shrine, the haunting ruins of a lost civilization or even simply a sacred space in the home or garden.  Many of the places on this extraordinary planet hold an energy that goes far beyond their physical beauty to stir within us the the most powerful feelings of awe and wonder.  At the very heart of this stirring is the remembrance of an ancient time when humankind was intricately connected and in tune with the power of the Earth, its deep and eternal cycles, its magnetism, its electricity, its very aliveness.  Earth Power Oracle reconnects us with that reality, transmitting the energy of forty-one of the most deeply moving sacred places on the globe, capturing the essence of each one so that we may experience its unique beauty and profound insights.

41 Cards & Guidebook Set

Stacey Demarco



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