Exclusive Fehu Wooden Spoon with Clear Quartz Crystal



Product Details

Please know that this wooden spoon has been created as a ritualistic item. We do not recommend placing this in a dishwasher. Only wipe down lightly with a dry cloth when cleaning in-between use. The crystal that has been placed on the end of this spoon is considered delicate and should be treated as so. We recommend using this spoon with dry ingredients including herbs, flowers, teas, spices, etc. As you stir your ingredients, direct your movement clockwise to instill positive and bright energies into your container. We would also recommend reciting your intentions for their specific use, almost as if reciting a mantra. After flipping this spoon, you can use this tool as a wand, using the energies of the Clear Quartz to direct your intentional energy as you deem appropriate. Inscribed within the handle of this spoon is the Elder Futhark Rune Fehu, with the intention that goes as follows: “Every beginning has within it the seeds of its own end.” We have included this Rune to bring the energies of wealth, money, food, sustenance, luck, and most importantly, personal power.

1 per order.

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