Double Rainbow Moonstone Faerie w/ White Topaz Pendant (.925 Silver)



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The realm of Fae has always been prominent in our surroundings and workings, continuing to be found within our inspiration to create and connect with the natural and magickal world. This very special pendant has been created to represent this connection and the power that our relationship with it holds. Created and cast in .925 Silver, you will find an elegant Faerie holding 2 orbs of Rainbow Moonstone. In addition, the sparkling shine of White Topaz can be found within the filagree bale. As you move this pendant back and forth through the light, you will be captured by the beautiful “Flash” that is held within the center of each orb. Moonstone was used in Roman Jewelry almost 2 thousand years ago and has been held in high regard through the Orient and India. It was once said, that by placing Moonstone in your mouth while meditating, one would have the ability to see the future. As one of the most powerful intuitive stones, Moonstone has been the stone of the Goddess and the Feminine Energy she is associated with. This beautiful Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect companion while working through Shadow Work and Self-Discovery. This very practice is the backbone of the true refinement of Intuition. As well as the enhancement of our self-intuition, the Moonstone provides us with the ability to align with our Spirit Guides and Ancestors so that we are more apt to receive messages and signs. Moonstone has also been used in our practice for communing with the energies and spirits of Nature, including Plant Devas. As stated within the beautiful artwork that accompanies this collection, “Moonstone promotes heightened intuition, psychic development & a greater awareness of mystical synchronicities. It is a stone of personal revelation, reflection & introspection. White Topaz encourages mental clarity & enhances the ability to manifest beyond the limitations we often set for ourselves. It aids in self-realization in order to confront hard truths which hinder our potential.” As you work with and wear this pendant, allow its energies to assist you in expanding your perceptions of the world around you. May the wonderful and abundant Seelie Moon cast vibrant light upon your magickal workings.
Only the pendant is included in your order. Chains are sold separately.

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