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We have designed this talisman with the intention of providing psychic protection and personal power to you on your magical journey. When we begin to connect with the ideas and purpose of life through a more spiritual lens, we find that we are more susceptible to psychic attacks and attachments as we step closer to the veil between this world and the one beyond. This talisman was created to enhance the positive influences that create your essence and aura. The hand has been known to be the symbol of strength, protection, and power throughout history. Found within the Celtic symbols, the hand represents our connection to authority and personal power over those things that we can control. It is commonly said that the hands individually harbor the energies of the gods and goddesses. In addition, the hand represents action, creativity, and artistry. You will find within the palm of the hand, the symbol of the eye. References to the symbol of the Eye can be found within the early history of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, pointing to the correspondences to the Sun and All-Seeing Eye of Ra, or the Eye of Horus. This symbol was said to harness the power of protection, restoration, and healing. In relation to the Hamsa, or the charm made to ward off the evil eye, this symbol represents protection against energies that are bound to harm or attach themselves to you. Found on the inner wrist of this talisman, you will find the Pentacle. The Pentacle is one of the most recognizable symbols in Magick and can be found inscribed into almost all magical tools, used for various rituals. Although this symbol holds such prominence in modern Witchcraft and Magick, it has also been used as protection against evil spirits and demons. As practitioners, the Pentacle represents the significance of the elements in our lives and journey, i.e., Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and Spirit. This symbol refers to the foundation from where the Magick in our lives is born. Lastly, on the tips of the 4 fingers, you will find specific planetary symbols. On the 1st, the finger of Jupiter. On the 2nd, the finger of Saturn. On the 3rd, the finger of Apollo (Sun). On the 4th, the finger of Mercury. Although these planets are significant to these fingers through Chiromancy, or Palmistry, they also have a deeper meaning in the importance and power of this talisman and why it was created. Jupiter represents honor, wealth, health, peace, and power. Saturn represents stability, long life, protection, safety, and bountiful harvest. Apollo, or the Sun, represents prosperity, luck, success, respect, and hope. Mercury represents mindfulness, communication, truth, and wisdom. As you place this talisman upon your altar or within your sacred space, allow the symbols and the intentions within their placement to enhance the Magick that flows through you. Allow its protective qualities to fortify your energies and bring you piece of mind. May the Hand of Destiny be your steady companion during study and ritual.

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