Exclusive 'The Witches Moon' Hand-Carved Goddess Totem w/ Rose Quartz



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Hand-Carved to represent the embodiment of the Goddess, this totem should be displayed on your altar or used as the centerpiece of a new working. The “Mother of All”, or Goddess, has been depicted with a thousand different shapes, forms, and identities since the beginning of civilization. She is the true summation of all other Goddesses and contains the key to the mysteries. The list of what the Goddess represents would fill volumes of tomes, leaving her impression as the all-consuming and all-offering presence in our lives that can feed and nurture the yearning soul. A symbol filled with hope, re-birth, spiritual fertility, strength, acceptance, understanding, and an overwhelming love for the greater good, the Goddess continues to stand against the test of time. During different times on our path, we connect with a different aspect of the Goddess. During this specific time of year, we use the representation of the Goddess to embody creation, growth, nurturing, and creative inspiration. Found within a previous writing of ours, “Along our winding path, we find it easy to make situations we face harder and more difficult to deal with than necessary. Instincts are easily twisted to anger and fear, acting as a cloak to disguise insecurities. Most are trained to believe that changes must be tackled and defeated through low-vibrational tactics and self-centered intentions. As Witches of any gender, we focus on one of our most valuable and rewarding aspects, the Goddess Energy, or Divine Feminine. The nature of this very intention allows us to step back, knowing that we do not need to constantly “fix” things, but rather expand, awaken, and become enlightened. Our minds must step aside and allow our “knowing” self to unveil the mysteries that words cannot contain. We connect and cultivate our Goddess Energy, allowing us to become a powerhouse of divine healing and intuition. This softer, more gentle side of us allows our energy to be free flowing and effortless when stepping through each challenge we face, making life easier and our goals more attainable.” How you decide to work with this Goddess should align with your intentions and current needs at this time. Placed within the center of the stomach is a polished Rose Quartz, known to bring the energies of love, gentleness, emotional healing, and to represent the unification with the Divine. We urge you to create beauty in your magical space and altar area, displaying fresh flowers, decorating with sacred items that have been charged with intent, and filled with the power of purpose and reverence. May this Goddess Totem bring you back to your core values and priorities. May she fill your rituals with light and guidance, bringing you closer to your most authentic purpose and higher self.

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