Exclusive (The Witches Moon®) Leaf Brass Candle Inscribing Tool



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The creation of this Exclusive Brass Inscribing Tool has been in the making for almost an entire 12 months. A Hand-Sewn Sleeve has been included for you to keep this tool safe while not in use. As stated by Madame Pamita, “Inscribing candles is another way to add some extra energy to your spell. Wax is a soft material, so it isn’t very difficult to carve power words, or symbols into the side of a pillar candle on the base or side of a figural candle, or on top of a glass-encased vigil to personalize and empower your magic.” This inscribing tool has been created to last a lifetime and should become a wonderful companion on your magical path. Please keep away from children. The point of this tool is sharp.
Approx size: 7"
1 per order

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