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Commonly referred to as the sibling of Marble, Onyx carries many names, including but not limited to; Onyx Marble, Egyptian Alabaster, and Mexican Onyx. When geologists glance at a slab of Onyx, they refer to it as Banded Calcite. In its most natural form and color, Onyx is found with a warm white/honey hue traveling through its iron-rich surface. Unlike Granite and Quartzite, which are formed deep within the earth’s crust, Onyx is found and materialized right on the surface. In a beautiful natural cycle, spring water, or groundwater, that contains an abundance of Calcite, is washed over and over, and throughout time, Onyx is formed. When sliced or slabbed, you can find a variety of shapes, bands, and patterns, revealing several thousands of years of manifestation. Interestingly enough, the word Onyx comes from the Greek word “claw”, for its natural white and honey color. Onyx has a deep and rich history, one which appeared in Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt. A wonderfully tranquil and peaceful stone, Onyx reduces stress and brings about an overall sense of well-being and security. We personally love to include Onyx within our working altar areas as it helps us to ease anxieties, provide vitality, and sharpen our concentration for the task at hand. You will quickly find that your breathing manages to slow, your nervous system starts to relax, and a sense of inspiration and hope begins to fill your spiritual vessel. This very sacred time is now abundantly filled with a sense of self-control and firm intent. This is the time of year for growth, transformation, and the calling upon abundance and prosperity. Now is the very time to lean on these energies to bring new opportunities into your realm. Rely on this Onyx Candle Holder when you are writing in your Book of Shadows by candlelight, setting your intentions, creating Sigils, or simply crafting spellwork. We have ethically sourced this beautiful Onyx to be made into this Exclusive Candle Holder that now accompanies your altar. We made the decision to include a larger area for you to place your candle, to ensure most pillar candles will stand nicely. If you use a smaller candle within this holder, simply refer to the instructions in the description of the Spell Candle included within this collection. We truly hope that this beautiful stone will accompany you through the many, many years of creating, crafting, and manifesting your truest intent.
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