Gold Plated Lapis Lazuli & Spiny Oyster Shell Isis Pendant (.925 Silver)



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Gold Plated Lapis Lazuli & Spiny Oyster Shell Isis Pendant (.925 Silver) - There is truly an overwhelming amount of mythology surrounding the great Goddess Isis. Known as the Goddess of Magic and Wisdom, Sky Goddess, Universal Goddess, Goddess of Kingship and Protection, and the Great Mother Goddess, Isis brings with her the true nature of the Divine Feminine. Isis is considered to be one of the most elaborate and complex Goddesses found within Egyptian mythology. One of the most inspiring characteristics of Isis is her ability to find strength in her circumstances and to be so sure of her power. It is often that you find stories of her healing abilities and eagerness to help, protecting those that have just recently passed, and providing empathy and guidance to those that may be emotionally lost or unstable. A true magician, Isis is the embodiment of royalty and leadership. Said to be “more clever than a million gods”, Isis finds and understands the deep-rooted meanings of all things, using this information to bring positive change to the world that surrounds her. Also, a true Goddess of Nature, Isis connects with all living things, holding the power to manipulate the natural world around her for the greater good. We honor and rely upon the influence of the Goddess Isis as a true symbol of the power found within the Divine Feminine. We allow her energy to nurture and embolden our actions. We resonate with her strength to bolster our confidence and carry us through difficult or overwhelming challenges. In this exclusive and unique pendant, Isis sits upon the Lapis Lazuli stone, known for its ability to grant access to higher spiritual guidance and wisdom. Found within scarabs, pendants, beads and jewelry dating as far back as 3000 B.C., the Ancient Egyptians found this stone to be of royal quality and representation. This beautiful stone allows us to connect with a broader perspective about the world that surrounds us. Lapis Lazuli gives us the strength to search for answers within our psyche and connect with the universal wisdom. Also, a transformative stone, Lapis assists us in making real life changes for the betterment of us and those that are involved. As you work with this wonderful stone, let go of any judgements and perceptions you may have about the things that anger you in your life. Take the time to truly examine each aspect of your emotional thought process. Held by Isis above her head is the Spiny Oyster Shell, revered for its healing and empowering qualities. This vibrant shell helps us to shed unwanted energies, replacing them with the strength to make meaningful progress on our path. In addition, the Spiny Oyster Shell provides us with the energies of patience, allowing us to take a deep breath and understand that time will carry all things through. The wings of Isis have also been plated with Gold, to embody the royalty and reverence that Isis carries with her. As you wear this very special pendant, allow the energies of the great Goddess Isis to inspire and manifest positive change in your dealings. May her strength accompany you through difficult tasks and heart felt victories.

Chain sold separately. Pendant is the only item included. 

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