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There has always been a strong belief in the creatures and spirits of the Forest, deep within the Woods, long before the “Age of Enlightenment” and science. The commonality of these spirits was in every household and on the lips of every member of a community. Within this belief and understanding of these spirits, came respect and a coming together for the greater good. This sprouted a wonderful exchange of energies and offerings. Although it seems long ago that the folklore legends of earth spirits were prominent, there are still many of us that work with these spirits and maintain a balance between interpretation and offering. Earth, tree, and water spirits have been found in countless testimonies and experiences, spanning almost all cultures. These can be represented as a Goddess, offering fertility in exchange for worship, or local faeries, nymphs, or sprites. It is important to note that most of these spirits are guardians and protectors of the natural land and the life that is hidden within. There are many other representations of spirits such as Leshy, related to the Slavic God Porewit. Leshy is said to be a protector and shapeshifter, banishing those that wander into the forest for personal gain. Naturally, the Greenman is also associated with this category. In the forests of Scandinavia, Huldra, the seductress and “wild woman” can be found hidden by the lakes and streams, keeping a wary eye on intruders that may have ill intent. As we work with nature spirits, we become familiar with their unique characteristics and personalities. These spirits can be approached the same as introducing your energies to new plants and herbs. We open ourselves to understanding and recognizing their unique capabilities and provide an exchange of good intentions. The hand-carved Earth Spirit Companion comes from the ethically sourced, fallen, and broken branches of the Gliricidia Tree, and have been naturally collected over the course of many moons. The bottom of this hand-carved spirit has been cut to stand on an altar or to be placed upon a magical shelf, near potted plants, or within your magical garden. You will notice a small circle placed above the eyes, representing the “second sight” associated with all living things, able to view and perceive the world in new ways. Each carving is truly unique and will not match another. These have specifically been created to represent our connection to the natural world and to foster our innate ability to call upon spirits to provide offerings and seek wisdom, guidance, or inspiration. Know that this companion carries within it a naturally charged earth spirit and can bring new insights and manifestations to your practice and meditations. When diving into building companionship with these living energies, you will find that you begin to truly become involved with the nurturing of your soul and emotional body. As you continue on your path of working with earth spirits, take your time, follow your intuition, and practice with respect and kindness. You will be sure to find that this is reciprocated. We truly hope that you continue to find beauty in the relationship you build with the spirits of nature and continue to share your experiences with others that may currently feel disconnected, confused, or ungrounded.
1 per order. Sizes, shapes, and colors may vary.

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