Handmade Brigid's Cross w/ Exclusive Art Print



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  1. Exclusive Witches Roots Handmade Brigid’s Cross - We are so proud and excited to include our unique handmade Brigid’s Cross to this very collection. Made from recycled paper, these cords were hand-rolled and then tied. At the end of the top arm, you will find a place where your Brigid’s Cross can be hung. Strongly associated with Imbolc, or St. Brigid’s Day, this Cross is hung above doorways, windows, and entryways to cast protection and attract blessings from Brigid. May this cross bring you renewed health and prosperity on the year ahead.

  2. Brigid’s Cross Book of Shadows Reference Page - Written & Illustrated by A.E. Alden, this beautiful Brigid’s Cross reference artwork holds wonderful information regarding the interpretation and understanding of this powerful symbol. Place within your Book of Shadows for reference while crafting and curating rituals. Do not make copies. Not for resale. (5"x7" Cardstock Print)

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