Intentional Meditation Necklace



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This Intentional Meditation Necklace or Mala has been specifically made as a sacred tool.  This necklace can be worn during meditation to seek alignment with your goals.  As you start with the largest stone at the base, drape the first bead (on the right) between your thumb and middle finger.  As you use your thumb to slide the beads from one to the next, focus on a singular intention.  With each bead, say aloud, or to yourself, you intention/mantra.  This an be used for breathing exercises as well.  As you go through each singular bead, visualize radiant, loving energy passing through you to the intention most prominent in your mind.  After you have passed through each bead, place the necklace around your neck for ritual.  This is a wonderful charging proactive for self and can be used to meet your true essence on the journey to enlightenment.  We have chosen Amazonite, or the “Hope Stone” to bring forth confidence.  Agate to stabilize and ground your spirit and treated Howlite to understand self.  We have painted the sacred symbol of the Feminine Unalome above your necklace.  This symbol represents gathering path of wandering and becoming more conscious of your surroundings until you reach the straight line of Enlightenment.

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