Kyanite & Lapis Lazuli Seed of Life Pendant



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Kyanite & Lapis Lazuli Seed of Life Pendant (.925 Silver) - This one-of-a-kind pendant was created for this very collection, for the subscribers of The Witches Bounty. You will find that half of the pendant contains the Seed of Life Sacred Geometry design and Lapis Lazuli in the other. Sacred Geometry is simply represented as the mathematical and geometric shapes that are found throughout nature. You will often find these designs included within sacred sites around the world, including but not limited to sacred groves, holy wells, buildings of worship, altars, monuments, etc. Some of the more common designs that are immediately recognizable are the honeycomb as well as the spiral shell, also related to the Fibonacci Spiral. These concepts explore the idea that all things have been made within divine planning and creation. This specific Seed of Life design contains seven interconnected spheres, representing the building block of creation and expansion. The number 7 also relates to a variety of sacred systems, including the Chakras, the higher worlds, and lower worlds of Hinduism, the seven heavens mentioned in the Koran, and the seven steps of enlightenment found within Buddhism. The Seed of Life resonates with our interconnection with life on Earth and the Universal Existence. Lapis Lazuli is one of our favorite stones and holds such deep and mystic powers. Lapis for short, is metamorphic, and commonly referred to as a semi-precious stone, prized for its use in antiquity and containing wonderfully vibrant colors. Lapis artifacts have been found within the oldest sites of the Indus Valley Civilization, dating back to 7600 BC. Lapis can also be found in the mask of Tutankhamun, used for its regality. This stone of royalty has been used within the jewelry of queens and kings and continue to be treasured by many cultures. It is said that Lapis carries with it the vibration of the “inner king”, or “inner queen” found within all of us. This wonderfully energetic stone pushes us to dive deeper on our journey of inner exploration. Not only does Lapis enhance our intuition, but it also brings about visionary awareness. Lapis is for the seeker of knowledge and the student of the cosmos. (Lapis Lazuli Elemental Association: Wind. Chakra Association: 3rd Eye, Throat.) You will find a beautifully faceted Kyanite within the bale of this pendant. Kyanite is one of the go-to stones for improving your psychic ability and binds us to the natural elements of the world. Kyanite has the ability to open psychic channels and activate the centers in the mind. (Kyanite Elemental Association: Storm. Chakra Association: All, Heart, 3rd Eye.) We urge you to wear this pendant as you work with divinatory tools, meditate, or work through connecting with the otherworld’s. May you find insight and inspiration on your sacred path.
Chain sold separately. 

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