Libyan Desert Tektite & Moldavite Pendant (.925 Silver)



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Dating back to nearly 29 million years ago, Libyan Desert Tektite, or “Libyan Desert Glass”, has long been regarded as having Meteoritic origins. The creation of this “glass” is similar to other Tektites, including Moldavite. Most likely, the Libyan Desert Tektite was formed from sand being exposed to extremely large Meteor impacts, heat, and explosions. Found in the Sahara Desert of Libya and Egypt, it is common to find historical references dating back to the Ancient Egyptian God-King’s. You can often find images of jewelry, especially carved rings, and pendants, made from Libyan Desert Tektite, and placed within the tombs of the most regal and important rulers of Egypt. It is because of this that this stone is associated with awakening the inner King or Queen in oneself. Known for its extraordinary energy fields and abilities, Libyan Desert Tektite is among the top-tier stones to work with while pursuing goals and striving to become a better version of self. It is also said that this stone provides powerful access to the information found within the Akashic Records, where all knowledge is stored regarding the past, present, and future. A stone of self-transformation, this Tektite pushes us through obstacles quickly so that we may find new glimpses of enlightenment and achievement. Through this illumination, we are able to connect with interdimensional realms during meditation and ritual. For social settings, this stone brings confidence to the forefront of our personality, especially during times where we may have an unstable view of ourselves. This assistance allows you to become more playful and pursue a more creative way to move through life. Combining Libyan Desert Tektite with Moldavite is ideal for aligning with your highest calling. For this very reason, we have included a faceted Moldavite into the bale of this pendant. Moldavite, one of our favorite stones, pushes us towards change during times of stagnation and confusion. It is important to work with these types of energies slowly so that you can understand and truly feel the transformation that is bound to start occurring in the reality surrounding you. We were so thrilled to have the opportunity to create this powerful pendant so that you may have support on your quest of attainment. May these energies bring excitement and transformation into your life. Elemental Association: Fire, Storm. Celestial Association: Sun, Earth.
Moldavite: 0.1 cts
Libyan Desert Tektite: 25.4 cts

Sku: LTM14

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