(Limited) The Witches Moon® ~ The Thousand Souls ~ August 2023


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The longer we spend within the realm of Magick, the more we find ourselves noticing and catching small queues from our guides, ancestors, and nearby energies. Our intuition continues to be refined and recalibrated by each practice, each ritual, and each correspondence. Our desire is for growth, for movement, and for real transformation. To achieve these results, we must offer real dedication to the practice, learning to fall into our rituals with focus and effort, and pushing aside any excuse we tend to muster when attempting to find time for personal growth and power. In this very special collection, we work with the Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt to dive deeper into our divinatory practices, learning to face ourselves in our truest form and call upon the powers that reside within. It is our truest intent that this unique and charged collection bring new sight to those that continue to seek divine wisdom on their path.

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