(Limited) The Witches Moon® ~ The Witches Harvest ~ July 2023


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These past few months have been trying, transformative, and filled with un-ending effort and dedication. We now, with a deep breath, welcome the fruits of our labor, rejoicing in The Witches Harvest. What a wonderful time it is, to feel deeply, love deeply, and swell with overwhelming gratitude for the fruition of focused intention. During a time in the world in which the seasons seem to pass too swiftly, it is always a welcome sign to see that progress has been made, metaphorical death has come once again, with re-birth promised on the horizon. This is a time for celebration, for gratitude, and for giving. We cannot express how excited we are about this collection! The exclusive and one-of-a-kind items within this box have been meticulously handcrafted for over a year! Our small team truly hopes to have the opportunity to share our passion for this season with you, with this very special collection.

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