Moldavite Cone Incense (Real Moldavite)



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Moldavite is a Tektite - a mysterious group of glassy objects, that is the product of a meteor collision with Earth 14.8 million years ago. It is believed to have fallen from the sky only once, over what is now called the Moldau River Valley in Czechoslovakia. Found only in the Czech Republic, these green gems are among the rarest minerals on Earth - perhaps rarer then Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds. Prized by humans for thousands of years, they are still given as gifts from royalty to royalty. Stories of legend associate Moldavite with the legendary stone of the Holy Grail, an "Emerald" said to have fallen from the sky, and a talisman for healing of the Earth and having the power to accelerate one's inner growth and spiritual evolution. Even those not usually sensitive to the energies of stones, often feel the energy of Moldavite because it's undeniably powerful. It is definitely a celestial "stone of transformation"

~ Courtesy of Tania Marie, Visionary Artist

A soothing blend of all-natural Essential Oils and Real Moldavite. Used in Aromatherapy, Relaxation, and Meditation.

Contains: Essential Oils & Real Moldavite

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