Moon Phase Carved & Stained Herb Drying Rack



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It is within our nature to collect and find materials that bring warmth and comfort into our sacred space. We find so many benefits in including a variety of natural elements in our surroundings, including but not limited to, shells, wood items, talismans, plaques, fountains, herbs, flowers, and candles. As each of these items and tools have called to us in a very specific way, we know that these are destined to become a part of our magickal area. It is so important to surround yourself with magickal representations so that you can easily call upon these energies for support as you work through your life process, attempting to understand all aspects of the craft through solid and real action. As practitioners, our bond with the natural world around us is key to our progress and transformation. We find complete solace in bringing nature into our inside realm where we can collaborate with these energies. In this very special collection, we have designed the Moon Phase Carved and Stained Herb Drying Rack. This beautiful hanging rack has been crafted from the fallen Albizia Chinensis tree and has been elegantly pieced together with hand-carved detail. We have attached a black rope to hang this drying rack within your apothecary or herbal area of your house. Below, you will find 6 hooks where you can hang a variety of herbs, flowers, etc. Herbal drying racks were commonly found in households throughout the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries, as herbal preparations were not so easily accessible as they are today. In addition, preparing your own herbs and hanging them to dry would produce the highest quality outcome, as well as provide a purposeful connection with the herbal energies. The process of drying your herbs is a wonderful way to preserve the vibration that resonates with each specific species. We urge you to begin your journey with herbs that have yet to be processed. If you have a large garden within your backyard, or a small paradise of herbs and plants within your home, it can become beneficial to start including dried herbs to your list of specialties, in addition to harvesting fruits, seeds, and vegetables. You will find the imagery of the Moon Phases on the front of your drying rack to promote our connection with the wild energies of the Feminine Divine. These cycles also remind us of the purposefulness of all aspects of life and death, through our personal journeys, as well as the natural elements that we choose to work with. We call upon and are inspired by the energies that all herbs and plants provide during life and through desiccation. We truly hope that you find a perfect place to hang this drying rack in your home, providing you with the inspiration to work more deeply and intuitively with the Nature Spirits that are closer to you than you may think. May you find companionship and guidance within this sacred craft.

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