Moonstone Visions Pendant (.925)



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Rainbow Moonstone w/ White Topaz “Moonstone Visions” Pendant (.925 Silver) ~ The stunning and ethereal Rainbow Moonstones found within your pendant have been hand-picked for their beauty and natural shine, then meticulously shaped into the perfect size for each setting. As you move this pendant back and forth through the light, you will be captured by the beautiful “Flash” that is held within its center. Moonstone was used in Roman Jewelry almost 2 thousand years ago and has been held in high regard throughout the Orient and India. It was once said, that by placing Moonstone in your mouth while meditating, one would have the ability to see the future. As one of the most powerful intuitive stones, Moonstone has been the stone of the Goddess and the Feminine Energy she is associated with. This beautiful Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect companion while working through shadow work and self-discovery. This very practice is the backbone of the true refinement of intuition. As well as the enhancement of our self-intuition, the Moonstone provides us with the ability to align with our spirit guides and ancestors so that we are more apt to receive messages and signs. Moonstone has also been used in our practice for communing with the energies and spirits of nature, including Plant Devas. This wonderful Rainbow Moonstone Pendant has been cast and created specifically for the subscribers of The Witches BountyTM, made from the purest of intentions to provide you with a powerful boost in your magickal workings. As you become familiar with this gemstone, allow its energies to open doors to multiple dimensions and realities. As practitioners, we seek sound wisdom and guidance from all kind-hearted spirit guides and mentors. While wearing this powerful piece, embrace your true ability to live enlightened, free from self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. It is only when we step into a new perspective, can we begin to truly see the magick that lives within all things. You will also find White Topaz scattered among the settings of this piece. White Topaz is known to assist the bearer in strengthening their ability to hold focus. The wonderful attribute of this stone allows us to keep our intentions at the forefront of our thoughts in a world of countless distractions. Magical attributes: Intuition, Insight, Dreams, Visions, Mystery, Goddess Energy.

Approx length: 2.5"

Chain sold separatley 

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