Multi-Blue Kyanite Healers Blade Pendant (.925 Silver)



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We are thrilled to release our design of the Kyanite Healers Blade Pendant! You will find that we have included a large number of Blue Kyanite, which has been added to almost every part of the silver surface. Each crystal has been hand-picked for its color and resonance. In addition, the large natural piece of Blue Kyanite has been sealed so that it may last along your journey. One of the most important and vital benefits of working with Blue Kyanite is found within its ability to connect with higher sources, allowing you to “download” information from frequencies that resonate much higher than your own. In this way, we are able to gently stimulate our mental capacity and open ourselves to a deeper understanding of the energies that directly affect our physical and emotional bodies. Blue Kyanite builds a bridge of light between our experiences and can break through many self-induced blockages that have been stagnant in our lives for much too long. In addition to enhancing our psychic abilities and bolstering higher forms of energy, Blue Kyanite can be a wonderful tool when working to find a common goal with difficult personalities. Not only is Blue Kyanite commonly used in “Crystal Therapy”, this stone washes through the aura, clearing away negative feelings, and casting a shield of protection over the bearer, to ensure that healing work can be completed without disruption. Allow the energies of this pendant to cut through any “muddy” thoughts and ideals, breaking any habits of hesitancy. As you work with this Blue Kyanite Healers Blade, visualize its energy force cutting through the crustations of any habitual emotional patterns. Bring to light the issues that are causing the most pain, confusion, and anxiety. Rely on these energies to bring clarity to your situation, so that you are able to build new pathways towards growth and transformation. Elemental Resonance: Storm. Chakra Resonance: Heart, Third Eye.
Chain sold separately

Colors, shapes, sizes, and inclusions differ from pendant to pendant. 
Approx size: 2.5" to 3.5"

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