Pentacle & Branch Tiger Eye Pendant (.925)(Exclusive)



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Pentacle & Branch Tiger Eye Pendant (.925 Silver) - Tiger Eye is known as a member of the Quartz family and is considered a Chatoyant Gemstone. Used since the early days of human civilization, Tiger Eye has long been associated with the king of the jungle, the Tiger, representing courage, strength, focus, balance, and prosperity. Within Chinese folklore, the Tiger protects the good from evil and is referred to as a guardian spirit, carved into amulets and talismans. Tiger Eye was also often found engraved in the armor of Roman soldiers to aid in energetic protection and was said to prevent harm during battle. In Ancient Egypt, the bands of gold found within the stone were believed to be the rays of the Sun God and were considered to be one of the most prized gems of the Nile River. Tiger Eye is a wonderful stone of balance, assisting us in finding solid ground within extreme polarities. This attribute can help us see many sides of a disagreement or push us towards understanding the benefits and effects of an important life decision. Within this balance, we find common ground and a broader spiritual perception. In addition to energizing the physical body, Tiger Eye also brings us mental clarity and vitality. These effects allow us to activate our higher intellect and consciousness, pushing us to overcome difficult challenges through logic and understanding. The Tiger Eye allows us to permeate calm and confidence during any situation. We have included a Pentacle to the bale of this pendant, symbolizing power and protection as well as being recognized as one of the most relevant and meaningful symbols in spirit work and communication. This symbol enhances your intentions and provides us with strength during our practices. You will also find the symbol of the branch placed above this Pentacle, representing our connection with the natural world. This representation connects us with the source of all magickal power and energy and provides us with a continual reminder of our association with the Divine. As the Amulet of the Forest, we call upon these natural energies to push our intentions through to completion and achievement. As you work to overcome the challenges that stand before you, rely upon the energies of this powerful pendant to carry you through and provide unwavering support. Elemental Association: Fire, Earth.
Chain not included.

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